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I'm Shayna

I'm a licensed Aesthetician. I was born in the Bay Area, in Northern California. Six years ago, my family and I moved to Georgia. This was a huge change for me and my family. It was then I decided to follow my dreams, and start my own business . Which was an eyelash extension shop. 

started Lashes Forevermore in 2015, I was so excited yet overwhelmed. Through my misteaks I've learned how to run a successful Lash business. My passion for the industry has led me to train others to be a successful lash artist and make 5K or more a month.  

Lash Trainer!

 Expert making 5k or more a month

8+ Years of Professional Experience.

What others are saying

I took the lash extension course. This was a one on one course. I really appreciate how detailed the course was. 

I did not just learn about technique. 

I learned about the structure of the lashes, and diseses of the eyeas well as sanitary procedures, which are very important! The trainer gave specific instructions yet gave me room to tweak the processto the way it would work best for me.

She was very hands on showing the details of the techniques. She was also there when I did my model, kept me calm and showed me anything I needed her to! I would recommend this training course to anyone, especially those who are new to the industry! Thanks so much lashes forevermore

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